Thanks to @withlamsberlintours I decided to do one of the routes he promoted in his account: Müggelturm in Müggelsee, Berlin.

It took us around 3h in total (roughly 15km) plus 2h (back and forth) to reach Friedrichshagen by train. The path is super easy and the majority of it is pavement. On a Friday there weren’t many bikes or people but despite it, you have two paths for one so you shouldn’t have a problem being bothered by bikers who do competitions over who is the faster 🙂 The path goes along the Großer Müggelsee so Mia had time to swim/drink and to run in the forest. I was able to leave her to run freely. However, I always respect everyone. I will do a post another day about this.

Since January 2023 you must pay 6€ (adults) to go up there. The parking lot is as well 5€. It is funny, I didn’t even take a picture of the tower (no comments 😒). This is the route we followed:

By Irene