Recently, someone posed an intriguing question to me: “Which resources do you rely on most when diving deep into topics like HR, People Ops, Talent Acquisition, and Startup Culture? Do you have a particular book, collection of articles, podcast, or a LinkedIn influencer that stands out?”

Here’s my response:

1. HR Communities:

To stay informed of the latest trends in HR, I actively participate in several HR communities. They serve as invaluable platforms for networking, professional development, and peer assistance. My go-to communities include:

2. Essential Reads on Culture:

  • No Rules Rules” by Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings, an eye-opener into Netflix’s innovative cultural ethos.
  • Radical Candor” by Kim Scott, a guide on cultivating a culture of constructive feedback.
  • The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer, which offers tips on the complexities of multicultural workplaces.
  • Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, it was my first book a long time ago that supported my believe  the success of people-centric cultures.

3. Data & Analytics Books:

4. Continuous Learning Platforms:

I follow up the courses from AIHR to keep my knowledge updated, especially on topics like People Analytics and Strategic Talent Acquisition.

5. Podcasts:

The “HR Leaders” podcast hosted by Chris Rainey is my companion during long commutes. The in-depth discussions and interviews provide me with great insights that spark my creativity for new ideas implementation.

By Irene

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